PhD scholarships available

I have three PhD scholarships available for quantitatively-oriented students to join our Dynamics of Australian Vegetation team! Closing 30/4/22. See links for additional details and email me to talk projects.

The Future of Australian Vegetation: Developing a Dynamic Vegetation Model for Australia Two scholarships available for students to develop their own programs of research within the overarching project according to their interests. The students could, for example, explore the dynamics of a specific ecotone, such as the boundary between tropical rainforest and savanna, or the gradient from tall wet forest to open grassy woodlands. Alternatively, they could focus on and lead the modelling of a particular vegetation process, such as tree mortality, plant responses to heatwaves, or carbohydrate storage.

Predicting Vegetation Dynamics in Australia’s Arid Zone Co-funded by Arid Recovery and Bush Heritage Australia, this PhD project aims to develop a predictive model of vegetation dieback and recovery in Australia’s semi-arid woodlands.  Looking for a special person for this project: you’ll have good quantitative skills and be prepared to work in Australia’s remote outback.

Dieback at Arid Recovery

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