Journal Club


Our awesome journal club meets in the Zen garden Thursdays 3.30 pm. Regular attendees adding to the arguments among the modelling group include Brendan Choat, Ben Smith, Mark Tjoelker, Matthias Boer, David Tissue and Elise Pendall. Visitors welcome!

Suggestions for papers to consider can be made at #oneforjournalclub


A typical sunny day in the Zen garden! L to R: Alexis Renchon, Belinda Medlyn, Rachael Gallagher (Macquarie), Chris Williams (Clarke Uni, USA), Juergen Knauer (Max Planck Institute, Jena), Matthias Boer, Remko Duursma, Yaojie Lu, Dushan Kumarathunge, John Drake, Court Campany, Kashif Mahmud